Romain Lucas, Carpenter and Cabinetmaker, Best apprentice of France in 2001, and accredited as an Interior Designer by the CFAI (Comité Français des Architectes d'Intérieur)

My unusual career trajectory drives me on into the unknown to embrace the strangeness of discovery, obliges me to remain attentive to each encounter along the way, and compels me to resist the temptation to go around in circles and follow only the marked paths.

My pursuit of excellence, the essential component of the journey, is what drives me onward, motivates me to continue and gives meaning to my efforts. It is the direction in which I travel, the perspective I take, it inspires the behaviour and the relationship.

To forge a new connection always renews the spirit. To move forward, it is desirable to recapture the spirit of one’s beginnings, in all humility.”

As an Artisan Cabinetmaker and Interior Designer; I bring the sensibilities inherent in these callings to the service of exceptional and prestigious projects involving the developing of interiors and the crafting of furniture in France, including Paris, Saint Tropez, Amboise, but also internationally; Luxembourg, New York, Los Angeles, London...